I’m a professional software craftsman. I’m a problem solver. I have been creating software solutions for over 24 years now in more than eight industries ranging from Real Estate, Travel & Leisure, Automotive, Avionics, Medical, Retail, Legal, and Banking. The systems I designed ranged from small to very large enterprise systems including cloud-based solutions today. I also have a keen eye on sexy user interfaces and the overall user experience as a whole because nowadays, you can not create software that looks like from the 90’s.

I’m against the status quo. I live against the status quo because, in my opinion, creative and innovative solutions are not created following a linear approach but come, in part, from broad experiences in one’s life and an innovative mind. I have a blog that I sometimes update at http://thomasjaeger.wordpress.com.

I started a Visual Assembler IDE many years ago back in 2001 called VASM but I never finished it due to the lack of time. Not that I have more time now; but, I feel like Visual MASM is a super fun opportunity to make a difference.

Thomas Jaeger